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Jessica Alba Info

Some snippets for Jessica Alba fans:


The "Sexiest Woman in the World" according to FHM in 2007 was born in Pomona, CA on April 28, 1981. Her mother Catherine is Danish-American (mother's side) and French-American (father's side). Her father Mark is Mexican-American, of parents born in California. He was in the Air Force for many years taking the family to Biloxi, MI and Del Rio, TX then moving to California. She has one brother. The maternal grandfather, a 30 year NCO in the Marines was in the Pacific War in World War II and then an assistant Drum Major in the US Marine Band.

Her adult health has been good but in childhood she suffered from pneumonia repeatedly, twice had collapsed lungs, a cyst on tonsils, a ruptured appendix, and obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks. There has been some continuation of the mental maladies by some periods of anorexic behavior especially during the filming of a later movie, Dark Angel. She continues to cook for herself which she has done since age 12, for fear of becoming as overweight as other members of her family.

She wanted to be in acting since an early age. By age twelve she was in acting classes and was contracted by an acting agent several months later. She also studied with William H. Macy and his wife, Felicity Huffman at the Atlantic Theater Company after high school graduation. The company was developed by David Mamet, a film director who has won Macy and Pulitzer prizes.


As a child she appeared in TV ads for J.C. Penney and Nintendo. In 1994 Jessica started her TV film appearances in the Secret World of Alex Mack of the comedy series, Nickelodean. Then there were two seasons in Flipper, a series shot in Australia. It was a big help that her mother was a lifeguard and taught Jessica to swim prior to being able to walk and then Jessica went on to become a scuba diver, PADI-certified.

Jessica was in Brooklyn South in the first season episode, in Beverly Hills 90210, and had one appearance in The Love Boat: The Next Wave, all in 1998. In 1999 she appeared in Never Been Kissed, a romantic comedy written by Drew Barrymore and was the female lead in Idle Hands, a horror-comedy flick.

Real prominence came with Dark Angel, a FOX science-fiction television series. She was selected from over 1,200 candidates to play a genetically-engineered super-soldier. James Cameron, a writer-director was the co-creator of the series which went for 2 seasons through 2002. Jessica was widely praised for her performance and was nominated for a Golden-Globe award.

Movie Career

The first film role was two month's of work in Camp Nowhere in 1994, followed by appearances in a few other independently produced movies. Amongst important appearances are those as an ambitious choreographer-dancer in Honey, an exotic dancer in Sin City, and in the Fantastic Four as the Marvel Comics' Invisible Woman. Upcoming projects are a remake of the Hong Kong movie, The Eye, and Sisters.

As host of the 2006 MTV Movie Awards she participated in sketches parodying the movies Mission Impossible 3, King Kong, and The Da Vinci Code.


Jessica has received various accolades for her attractiveness. readers voted her #1 of 99 Most Desirable Women in 2006. Maxim Magazine made her #2 in their Top 100 in 2007. In 2007, In Style and GQ put her in their June front covers. She is "2007's Sexiest Woman in the World" according to the majority of 8 million votes in an FHM survey.

Spike TV Guys awarded her the Choice Award for 'Hottest Jessica' in 2007. She was in Maxim's Hot 100 each year in 2003 to 2007 inclusive. She did the "Sexiest Performance" with her acting in Sin City according to an MTV Movie Award in 2006. In March 2006, Playboy named her the Sex Star of the Year and among the 25 Sexiest Celebrities. For her performance in Dark Angel she was given the Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress in 2001.

Jessica would like to be considered as professional actress skilled in the craft, not just as a sex symbol. She would like to be able to reject unsuitable roles but has accepted what seemed necessary to advance her career. Many of the movie offers cause her to fear that she is being sought after mainly for a perceived sex kitten image.


Jessica has a greater sense of modesty than many actresses. She has stated that she will not appear nude in any movie and has a no-nudity clause in her contracts. She sued Playboy for showing a photograph of her on its cover without her permission because it may have implied that that she appeared unclothed inside the magazine. When Hugh Hefner gave her a personal apology and committed to make a sizable donation to one of her favorite charities, she dropped the legal action.

Jessica did consent to appear without much apparel in a photo shoot for GQ but did insist on wearing granny panties since she would be topless. It was suggested by the directors of the movie Sin City that she appear without a stitch but the suggestion was declined. Jessica said that the idea made her feel too anxious. Even if it means missing out on certain otherwise attractive roles which may further her career in some way, she would rather just not do it.

Her objections may be due to her upbringing or it could be that it is just the way she would feel about it anyway. Her parents are religiously conservative Catholics. In her late teenage years, she changed to being a 'born again' Christian but quit after four years. Reasons include her dislike of the church's condemnation of premarital sex and homosexuals and its lack of strong female role models.

Support for Charity

Jessica has supported many charities. She has contributed in various ways to Revlon Run/Walk for Women, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Soles4Souls, Clothes Off Our Back, Habitat for Humanity, Project HOME, RADD, SOS Children Villages, and Step up. At the Cannes Film Festival, Jessica offered to act at no charge in a Bob Weinstein Movie if he agreed to bid $100,000 for tennis lessons from Boris Becker and Monica Seles. The proceeds would go to Amfar, an AIDS Charity. Weinstein agreed to the offer.


There was a relationship with Michael Weatherly which began when she was filming Dark Angel. He was also starring in the film. She was twenty years of age at the time and he was twelve years older. The romance then lasted four years. After the split, Jessica said she wasn't really sure why she got engaged. She is now engaged to Cash Warren. They met when she was acting in Fantastic Four. They are expecting a child in early-mid 2008.